Our mission

To prevent children and young people from becoming socially excluded due to mental ill health or emotional distress and to relieve the needs of those children and young people with mental ill health or emotional distress and assist them to integrate into society.

Our goals

Remove the stigma attached to mental illness.

Make conversation about mental illness normal, supportive and therapeutic.

Promote social inclusion rather than feelings of isolation for young people with mental illness or emotional distress.


Our work

The first part of our strategy is to put on an annual, free entry music festival. The festival will incorporate a range of music and spoken work as well as children’s entertainers. It alsos include workshops to sample therapeutic activities and self-help strategies. In addition, mental health charities and providers will be invited to have stalls to demonstrate what services and support they provide.

Each of the acts performing on the main stage are specifically selected not only for their musical ability but also for their willingness to talk openly to the audience about their own experience of living with mental illness or caring for someone with mental illness.

Want to be part of The Grey Dog?

We are looking for people who want to play an active role in changing the conversation about mental health.

We would also love to hear about how music helps with your mental health.

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